Born and raised in Texas.

Who is Trendmaker

Four decades ago, inspired by the Texas families we build homes for, we started something. We envisioned a new homebuying experience. It would be simple and straightforward.

Instead of upgrades, there’d be standards—high ones. We’d only build our best, so every one of our homes and communities would meet the highest criteria for excellence. Homebuyers could put their faith in us, knowing we’d be out in front of the crowd, introducing new innovations, new designs, new experiences and new conveniences to home—every home.

Higher standards would be the rule, not the exception. And from that baseline, homebuying would become a partnership instead of a negotiation: Just you and us, sitting around the kitchen table, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. We think it should be that easy. Start with a beautiful home. End with a beautiful relationship.

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Living in a comfortable and cost-efficient home is extremely important to today’s families. Trendmaker’s LivingSmart® program is a comprehensive approach to building better homes with greater comfort and efficiency. Every Living Smart® home is designed and independently certified to exceed local energy codes.

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