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Our warranty departmentís goal is to be courteous, prompt, efficient, and honest with all our homeowners in an effort to provide total satisfaction on warranty requests.

About Our Warranty

The " Seasonal Maintenance " pages offer our homeowners information to assist with maintaining the interior and exterior of their home throughout the year.

Trendmaker Homes warrants against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials due to non-compliance with approved construction standards set forth by our "Express Home Warranty". To prevent misunderstandings, you should become familiar with these approved standards by reading the "Express Home Warranty" booklet in your Homeowner Manual.

The 2-Year Maintenance Checklist offers our homeowners additional information on responsibilities for maintaining their home. Your Express Home Warranty is a limited 10 year warranty on your home. During your first two years the major mechanicals and specific performance standards are covered and during this time you will be dealing with the warranty department to address your concerns on any related issues. At the end of two years, the responsibility of maintaining the interior and exterior of your home on a regular bases becomes yours as the homeowner. Therefore, we have developed a checklist with suggested maintenance items and the period of time when these items should be inspected. By clicking on 2- Year Maintenance Checklist, you can review the areas that will require your attention and the time frame when you will want to be checking these items. With any other items that remain under warranty, please submit a written request and the warranty department will assist you.

With that in mind, the "Customer Care" page will provide you with a general guide to help you understand the Trendmaker processes and your role and responsibilities in those processes.

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