Conservation + Durability +
Health + Comfort + Savings®
Trendmaker Homes has been the leader in sustainable practices since 2001. Our LivingSmart® program is a comprehensive approach to responsible development, high-performing homes and cost-savings for you. Learn more about LivingSmart®

Radiant barrier roof sheathing

will save you money on energy bills whether it's hot or cold, rain or shine.

Drought tolerant grass in selected communities

conserves water, saves you time and money, and can look incredible.

Low-E windows

reduce heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays and provide optimal insulation.

Engineered lumber

Resists warping, splitting, and shrinking, while preserving our forests.

Healthy living

Many Trendmaker Homes communities include dedicated open space and walking trails.

Energy-efficient 15-SEER Air Conditioner.

Improved efficiency translates to lower operating costs.

Low-E windows

These windows insulate, reduce heat and reduce UV light that fades fabrics.

Programmable thermostat

provides multiple time and temperature controls. Imagine the savings.

Carpet & Pad

Carpet and pad are low -VOC and made from recycled materials.

Fluorescent lights in Recessed cans.

Use up to 70 percent less energy than incandescent lights.

WaterSenseTM faucets

give you 20% average water savings.


Lower the Kelvin the warmer the light.

EnergyStar® kitchen appliances

These kitchen all-stars save energy too.

Low-VOC grout

Your Trendmaker home is filled with healthy alternatives like low-VOC adhesives and grout.

70% savings with fluorescent lightbulbs

Low-VOC paint & Formaldehyde free insulation

Our walls are better for your health – you breathe easier.

EnergyStar® dishwasher

is also a great water-saving feature.

WaterSenseTM faucets

Go with the flow and save gallons every month.

Low VOC-Formaldehyde Free Insulation

Our walls are better for your health-you breath easier.

Low-flow toilets

1.28 vs 3.5 gallons water savings with this high performance toilet.

All ducts sealed

means very little air escaping into your attic, saving you money on heating and air conditioning.

Low-VOC grout

Your Trendmaker home is filled with healthy alternatives like low-VOC adhesives and grout.

Tankless water heater

You'll have continuous hot water with this optional energy-saving feature.

Smart. Very Smart. When you add it all up, you get a home that month after month is looking out for your family's well-being, and your pocketbook.

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